Christmas Has Come But it is Not Over Yet

Well, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have both come to a winding and now Friday is soon to arrive. Even though Christmas is pretty much over and the humdrum of the holiday is winding down some, Christmas is not yet over for me and that is exciting. This weekend I will have visitors from out of town for lunch and I am looking forward to seeing my company even though the time spent with them may not be very long. Also, I will be going “After Christmas Shopping” and I am excited about that. We have had a nice white Christmas this year and it has been wonderful … but now that Christmas is winding down and the New Year is only a week away, the snow can go away anytime now, lol. Only wishful thinking on my part really and that is okay.

Anyway, I did have a nice Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and I hope everyone else did.

Author: ksmiley

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