1st Entry For 2009

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year — a day late — but happy New Year to all my friends and readers of DD. It has been a wonderful day even though hardly anything was done except relaxation, watching television, and being lazy which being lazy is one of the things I am VERY good at, lol. I did have company over for a little while but soon time became my own once again within the hour. All is good and fine here and tomorrow, Friday brings on a VERY BUSY day for me whether I like it or not.

I did have a fine Christmas and fine New Year. Did see the New Year arrive CST but went to bed shortly afterward just so I could get the sleep I needed since I was tired and did have two productive days — the 30th and the 31st. No, I did not really celebrate the New Year coming in but did watch some television that did have some New Year programs … mainly the Disney channel which happens to be one of my favorite channels of all time. I did wake up kind of late and just did not feel right as a headache had formed later in the night. With some medication I take at night it does cause balance problems for me so walking right away this morning was one heck of a challenge. My walking today seemed to show the instability of drunkenness when in reality I do not drink but an occasional Mike’s Hard Lemonade, wine coolers, and non-alcoholic beer called O’Douls, and I did no drinking last night except for a can of Pepsi, lol. So today my muscles and joints were having a fight but neither one of them won and I defeated them both.

Now that January 1, 2009 has arrived, we can all begin our New Year with resolutions that we have been wanting to make but have not had the chance or time. I had a New Year’s resolution last year and I have been working on it ever since last year and it is a continuing resolution and that resolution is walking away from negativity, which I find less tough than I did last year, and to add to this resolution, is to connect with a couple of friends and go from there whether or not friendships can be rekindled or not. Another resolution I have is to not allow things to bother me like they once did and that is going to be one heck of a resolution to muster but will be done. Also, my connection with God is going to become even stronger no matter what evils I may face while on the path to getting to know God even more so. My world is still my world but there are some changes that NEED TO BE MADE but in order to make those changes, I have to add on to last year’s resolution to make it stronger and tougher.

I was going to watch “The Golden Compass” but throughout the entire afternoon I could barely keep my eyes open for the most part of the day so napping was done … so plans will change for tomorrow to watch the movie on On Demand – HBO. It looks like a good movie but I only watched a few minutes of it so the idea of the movie is yet to be understood even though I do understand that the young girl in the movie has a role in the movie. We shall see it tomorrow .. if I have time.

Time went by quickly today.

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year!! I did and I know some friends have enjoyed their New Year as well.

Good night everyone! God bless!

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2 thoughts on “1st Entry For 2009”

  1. Happy New Year! May you enjoy a very prosperous 2009!

    I no longer make resolutions as such, because I find I never keep them, and my failure to do so messes with me psychologically.

    I much prefer to think in terms of "goals" for the New Year, which I think about and define over the first few days of the year, and then think about what steps I need to take to achieve them.

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