Venting Once Again …

Okay, this is another vent but to be very honest here, this venting is a tad bit past due really. I should have vented yesterday when I needed to but by the time 9 p.m. rolled around I was pretty tired and did have a productive, busy day out and in. It is only 6:30ish right now and I am once again tired and ready for bed for the night but once again I had a productive, busy day today as well. Last night while I was looking to see if anyone had left any comments at my diary, I had gotten another unpleasant comment from another diarist and I hope I banned him from reading anymore of my diaries from this day forward. I am sick and tired of reading comments from diarists who tell me I am cruel, mean, writing inappropriate diaries when I know very well I have done nothing wrong and said anything different from any other diarist I have read in the past or recent past. Another diarist has been removed and banned from my diaries for personal reasons and this is my place. No one is going to run me off from DD at any time because I have been here far too long to leave now. DD is my home, my place, my world, and my way of communicating with other diarists. I do not hate but when it comes to someone telling me I am cruel and write inappropriate diaries, I can admit that I can and will hate at times. Everyone will hate believe it or not. I do not need to give any life lessons to anyone my age or older because people do understand. Do I have to go private again? Do I have to go “friends on;y” diaries? That would not be fair to others who are interested in what I have to say or do in my life I am willing to share. Seriously, I do not want to stoop to anyone’s level of cruelty and meanness believe me so I will ALWAYS follow my heart and go where God wants me to go but I will NOT leave here because of there are cruel people out there today and always will be out there. I do have to say that cruel people have to grow up and my feelings about cruel people right now is pretty downright raw right now.

I did have my LSC here today and honestly she can smell something I can not smell because I have lived in this apartment for almost 11 years. and her coming in here every week and telling me there is an odor in my apartment is starting to fray my nerves and my nerves are easily frayed at times, and so my emotions can be very raw at times. I am just getting sick and tired of the odor she smells and we can not pinpoint it. Other people can not smell the odor. I believe that my LSC needs to stop saying there is an odor in my apartment or get a new nose. I am about ready to ban her from my apartment!

Okay, venting is done.

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