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It has been five days since I wrote in my diary/journal here and it is so because of the fact that I have been real busy and tired. I did not have the greatest weekend ever but still managed the best I could on what energy and stamina I had as I was so tired and sleepy, and so out of it as far as I was dealing with a delayed reaction to an anxiety attack I had between Thursday – Saturday, causing me to sleep so much on Saturday. It was just plain awful. In fact, right now, I am still reeling from the after affects of the anxiety attack that if anything said or done around me will send me off into another tizzy if I am not very careful. This weekend may have been one of those weekends after having several months of no major anxiety attacks. This anxiety attack just could not have been stopped like I have been able to stop the attacks from coming on before they really hit. It is late right now and bed time should have been over an hour ago but I was so into watching a movie, about wasps that have been genetically altered and killing and making people into drones. It was scary but not scary enough. The reason I watched it was because one of my favorite actors, Robert Englund was in it and I thought he was pretty good in the movie as I am so used to him playing Freddy Krueger on Nightmare on Elm Street movies and seeing him play a role apart of Freddy, was pretty awesome. Unfortunately, his character in the movie was killed off. Now I personally hope I do not have nightnarese, lol.

I have to go for now. I am going to bed now and will return tomorrow sometime or another day. I have a busy day tomorrow and I have to get up early to let someone in to do some spot painting for me, and of course, I have homework to do. Good night!

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