6:11 a.m.

Not much is going on right now really. Had awakened to the sound of Bing playing in his house and having fun. I think it was a mistake to put one of Bing’s houses in the bedroom, lol. Trying to get some sleep at times during the night was a little difficult when I could hear the rustle of the house while he was romping and playing about but since he is a cat, I did not fuss much. Anyway, it was my doing putting the noisy house in my bedroom anyway so I had to deal with the noise. Now I know he will play and sleep in both houses, depending on where they are at. He just loves his houses … especially now that the bed is gone out of the living room. I still have the feel of the living room being a living room today, yea!

I had a wakeful moment and I am going to go back to bed for a while.

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