The past couple of nights, so unlike tonight thank goodness, I could not sleep very well. This evening, while having dinner with my friend JT at my place, she told me WHY I could not sleep the past two nights very well. It was all BECAUSE of the Ginseng is Pepsi Max! Whoops! I will not drink Pepsi Max at certain times of the day anymore for that reason. At first I thought it was because of the caffeine rush I was having those two days but guess not, lol. It was all BECAUSE OF THE GINSENG! LOL. I am okay tonight. Planning on retiring to bed here shortly. It is kind of past my bedtime anyway but I needed and wanted to get caught up on a couple of things online before retiring. I took a three hour nap this afternoon so I am caught up on some sleep. Good night and God bless all of you!

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  1. I get online before I go to bed too. In fact, it’s 9:30pm here and I’m in bed online. I hope you sleep well tonight. As for me, I’m a Diet Pepsi drinker.


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