Today, April 16, 2009

It has not been totally quiet around here to very honest here. As a matter of fact, I think my telephone rang 10 times today and that just drove me crazy. This is one of hose weeks, AGAIN, and I cannot really explain it very well. At least right now I can not explain it anyway. Moodiness has set in. In fact a neighbor/friend just called a moment ago and wondered how I was feeling since I had a headache earlier when she called. I was not going to answer the phone but I did in order to get this person off my back for the night — knowing now where my headaches are coming from and what my resources have come to after analyzing possible reasons for such headaches… I will be okay…thankfully.

Yesterday’s eye appointment went well … no need for a new prescription pair of glasses so I still have my glasses. Good thing because I did not want to chang my glasses this year anyway.

That phone call bothered me somewhat tonight. I told my neighbor/friend that I was watching Halloweentown II and she had gone all technical on me. It was a recorded show, yes. Why does this neighbor/friend have to be so technical as to what time the movie was one and that I was watching it a little bit later than the scheduled time. That is why I try not to get to analytical around people because it can be just as annoying as someone being technical.

Well, anyway, that is about it. I have been headache free for about five hours now and it feels so good to be headache free right now. Amen to that.

Well…have an appointment tomorrow. In fact, I have two appointments tomorrow afternoon.

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