A Long Day But A Good One At That…

Today has been one of the longest days I have experienced in so long. I thought Monday was bad but in reality, today was the longest I have had. I had my CSW here this morning before 8:45 a.m., my shower gal at 10:30 a.m., and the rest of the day was mine. I hope I sleep well tonight because the weekend has proved to me not to be the best weekend of sleep. I have already found myself in a world of strangeness once or twice before…even more really. Today was a long day to be honest with you, but my world has been a good one at that, though. Can’t argue about that anymore than the next person. I have to start out June as perfect as I can. Even today, if my first cat was alive right now, it would have been her adoption birthday day. Now with my second cat, his birthday is also this month but his adoption birthday is December 18th. See what I mean about it being a long day but a good one at that? LOL…probably so because I had my first cat in memory all day long. I hope I sleep well tonight! I better!!!

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