What Has Been Eating Me Alive??

I can surely tell anyone what has been eating me alive…that’s for sure! The fact that a friend has been discovered to be a liar and someone I cannot any longer trust or even believe has been eating me alive to no end. Also, the heat has gotten to me to the point of dehydration that I have been, excuse me for expressing myself openly here, peeing on command. I have been dehydrated once before this and I didn’t register the second dehydration episode until yesterday when I had gone into Urgent Care at a nearby clinic to have an urine specimen done to check for any urinary tract infection because I had symptoms. Come to find out, no infection, which is a good thing, but I was having the symptoms. I realized that I was dehydrated has come into light, focus as some say, and I beat myself up for the cause as well. The fact that a registered sex offender has been coming into the building has been dating a tenant, my so-called trustworthy friend I no longer speak to as of Saturday. Ewww! Also this apartment of mine has been a little bit more cluttered lately…oops! So, a few things have been eating me alive lately. It seems to never END!!

Author: ksmiley

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