My Thoughts for the Evening…

Supper has been over about an hour ago and my friend left to go home. Yay! Time for myself. Forgot some cropes at Farm Town this evening so the crops went to waste and no money was made — lost some money in the wasted crops. Nothing serious really but I was a little disappointed for a few minutes. Got rid of the wasted and planted new crops and now waiting for them to be ready for harvest. I am tired now and despite the tiredness I feel now I know I will be up late tonight enjoying myself and playing Farkle on Facebook. I am so addicted to Farkle, Farm Town, and some of the other games that Facebook provides for us members. Oh well. I will be up until midnight tonight even though I can not sleep in tomorrow. Oh well…got to sleep in yesterday and that felt real good for once but do not know it too often. I do not want to get spoiled and lose an entire day of sleeping anymore. Have been sleeping better and comfortably practically every night now since I have had my CPAP machine but have had a few days of restlessness most recently. I wish I was still on the farm visiting my Aunt because being back in the city has gotten me in one of my funky moods again!!

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