That Fine Line

This tenant who lives in our building, who I thought was my friend was walking on thin ice with me lately. Yesterday I had learned of some news … mind you that the news I heard was news that was withheld from me because of the fact that this tenant told another tenant that I would get jealous. Yeah, right! Me…jealous isn’t the word. The Christian woman I profess to be at times I am not, I do have to say that I am pissed off. I am very angry, hurt, and disturbed by this. Do you want to know why?? It is because this tenant is still dating a registered sex offender. As a matter of fact, what really pisses me off about this situation is the fact that this tenant and this idiot as I call him — another friend calls this person a weirdo, have an on and off relationship more than anyone I have known in my lifetime. The bragging, the talk about sex and what this tenant and weirdo do is not my business and I could care less. Sex is one subject, along with two other subjects being religion and politics, that is not an easy subject to discuss with others because of different points of view. This tenant has been told more than once by me and other tenants to stop bragging and being such a “bitch” about other people’s business or she was going to get in serious trouble wrong day with the wrong people and end up getting hurt. This tenant … no longer a “friend” of mine I can trust fully because of the lies she has told in the past few weeks to the past few months now have been so great and unbelievable. Her registered sexual offender sex toy as I would call him is NOT allowed in my apartment. He has lied and done so much bullshit it is unbelievable. I am so pissed because this tenant can not keep her damn legs closed! She is sick and gross. What really pisses me off is the type of person she is and she has proven to many people she has some screws loose or the fact that the elevator does not go up all way to the top floor. It is just downright sick and gross and I do not have to even give any descriptive ideas any further than what I have already. This tenant has walked a fine line and has crossed to my territory where she does not belong.

Yesterday, upon hearing the news of this person dating this registered sex offender again, the heat in my body seemed to boil and become hot that anytime I saw the tenant,. looking at her was horribly difficult. When I did look at her, I saw an inhumane being more so than a human being. It was horrible. A friend on the outside of the building had found out and had told me what was said between the two tenants here and I found that just like this tenant to be such a witch of a person who cares less of feelings outside her own. This tenant has become one person of the slutty or whore nature of sin. Anger has seethed on through bodies of other tenants that have no understanding why such has happened. This tenant has been walking a fine line and it is about to snap. I am about to snap!

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