Today 2

Since my last entry from earlier today, I have had a nap because of a headache. So I am up late now because of that nap, but bedtime will be soon as I have to get ready for tomorrow. I have plans for tomorrow around supper and I am going to have a good evening with a dear friend of mine. As for the rest of my day since my last entry of today, I have had a good day for the most part. I had another fairly lazy day today but did get some homework finished for the week in plans of having more homework done tomorrow weather permitting of course. We have been expecting thunderstorms for the past two days now but only rain has poured downward from the sky to the earth, making it so wet and sloshy-like. A neighbor of mine was planning on going to the store to pick up a few things but it turned out that the downpour of the rain stopped her for a while. I have been home since seeing the neighbor so I have no idea as to the neighbor running her errand or not to the store since we have spoken. Today was another rainy day. I believe the rain is going to disappear in awhile now but I am not going tp believe until I see sunshine again as soon as I can. The rainy weather has been a major downfall for me lately. Is the world done crying for now? We shall see?

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