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My neighbor friend is gone for the weekend so I am looking in on her cat and all is fine with Oreo. We got along for the most part and once things were set to go back home on the third floor, I left with no hesitation. Oreo is my neighbor friend’s cat and so I do not push too much with her. If I am able to pet Oreo at least one time, that is pretty good in my book. Anyway, my neighbor friend will be back tomorrow. Yay! Oreo will be a happy cat again. Oreo is VERY independent and a different type of cat. She reminds me of Bing and Emilee mixed into one cat as far as Oreo’s temperament is concerned. I do love Oreo though. I love cats.

I am here at home on a sunny Sunday. Yep, the sun is shining today. YAY! I have been looking forward to it for a couple of days now. The rainy weather has been depressing and depression has really hit kind of hard the past few days. I personally thought I was going to crack under the pressure of the cloudy weather but the sun has saved the day today. I woke up at 9 a.m. this morning with the sun shining into the bedroom with a yellow/orangish glow that made me smile with joy and happiness. Even Bing was chipper and happy this morning too. Depression seems to have lifted to a bearable standard and happiness is in the book once again. I feel I have gained my composure back. Whew.

Today is just another ordinary Sunday for me. I have decided to take today — like yesterday — a movie day to some degree. I have recorded some movies on LMN yesterday that I have not watched yet so I am catching up on my movies. “Wind Chill” is the movie I am watching right now — almost finished. Talk about horrific and amazing! The movie, strangely enough will have to be watched again to understand it because I totally lost myself in another whirlwind of thought comparing it to the movie. It is spooky to some aspect but confusing and a movie I would have to see again when I am more able to understand. It is about two college students heading home for the holidays and get stranded in the cold weather when the fellow driver takes a shortcut and ends up getting hit by another vehicle and the two college students end up having strange and bizzare things happen around them. One of the students does die while the other student does find shelter at the very end at a gas station. That is what I understand of the movie. Hmmm… It is over now. Done. Now I am going to watch “Stranger with My Face” again since I liked it so much yesterday.

This is my Sunday. More later…

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