4:50 p.m.

I want to pick up a bit but I am once again … procrastinating – one of the things I feel I am very well at doing. Maybe I will do some picking up AFTER “Stranger With My face”. I should do some picking up around here. I had my shower earlier, did some research online for a neighbor friend, and then did what i do best … being lazy, lol. No more being lazy. I am going to do some picking up around here. The mess that I have created the past couple of days now is getting to me. Depression has left me YAY! I aim feeling a little bit better. The sun is still outside. I am even going to open up my living room windows to let a breeze in. It is cool outside today. I am definitely waiting for the summer to end where coolness is more apt to come once Fall plays into our lives here. I am looking forward to picking things up a bit. This place needs it … to keep me sane.

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