Happy Labor Day!!

My Morning On Labor Day
I got up fifteen minutes before my alarm was to sound for me to get up. Got my shower, dressed, and got online for awhile before calling my friends at 11:30 a.m. to say hello. Got a phone call from a family member in regard to a Thanksgiving Day weekend visit to Arkansas. I am all geared up and excited about going to Arkansas for the Thanksgiving holiday to visit family and have a good time. It is like going home for a few days even though I have been born in Wisconsin. Being with family for a holiday or special occasion is home in my book — a comfort that I have in my heart every year. YAY!

My Afternoon on Labor Day
Spent the early afternoon with friends and had a cookout at their place between 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.. We had brats, hamburgers, and chicken breasts, potato salad, chips, sauerkraut. Everything was delicious! We even had hotdogs made for younger kids who were invited to have a bite while they were playing outdoors. The weather was awesome for the cookout. It was warm outside but not stifling hot like this summer has been for the most part anyway other than rainy and wet – a lot of rain that we did need of course. Anyway, today was a wonderful day with friends in conversation and eating, and enjoying one another’s time. I had a good afternoon with my friends who I have not seen a long time now and intend not to lose contact with again. True friends are harder to come by than friends who come and go these days. I had a good afternoon away from home,. too.


My Late Afternoon/Early Evening on Labor Day
Ahhh, relaxation!! I am not hungry now after eating at the cookout this afternoon. I am getting tired now after having some fresh air on this beautiful September day. I did not attend class all day long except to post some information needed for a learning team I am a part of and to wish everyone a happy day but my studies have been put aside for the entire day but believe me when I have had had an urge to do my CPA exam for week 3 and week 6 ever since I have been up this morning and have been back home from being gone for a few hours. Oh well … this class I am attending now is so VERY compelling now-a-days. I love my studies … seriously. I have had a good day all day long and I could not ask for more. It was a good day!!! I had fun! Now I am home, relaxing and watching TV of recorded programming from earlier today while I was not home and over the three day weekend.

As for Monday today — because it was a holiday — Labor Day — it sure did not feel like a Monday. It felt like another Sunday all day long. Some people had to work today and others did not. Friends of mine went to see the Labor Day parade that lasted 2 1/2 hours long this year. I have not been to a parade for a long time because of a past experience that has stopped me from enjoying Labor Day parades — someone I had known was shot too death by her husband and chopped up and taken out of Janesville, Wisconsin and buried someplace and the husband eventually confessed to his outrageous action and was arrested. I know that sounds real silly to be afraid to go to parades since then, but the area where the incident took place is one place I do not want to be by ever again — not afraid of the parade itself but the area where the incident took place is what I am very apprehensive about. It is still bothers me … especially on this particular day. That is WHY I have vowed I have to keep myself VERY busy on Labor Day!! The person murdered and chopped up was someone I got to know and appreciate and it was only for a short few months.

Anyway, I did have a good day today. YAY!

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