Cut From the Same Cloth — Like Mother, Like Daughter

I am not sure if I am saying the phrase part “like mother, like daughter” correctly or not but that really does not matter does it? Anyway, I have been under a lot of stress and emotional upset because of school, moving from one apartment to another, and just plain busy. Having been moved, for the majority of it, today, with the help of some friends and a couple neighbors, my world from one floor to another — from 3rd to 1st — has been a very quick one — the feeling of being uprooted from one safe place to another — the safety of the 3rd floor being lost a couple of weeks ago or so. JT — who I am no longer speaking to or friends with — was to move from her 3rd floor to the 1st floor but that did not happen for JT. She ended up losing the apartment for some reason or another leaving the apartment up for grabs for me — a handicapped accessible apartment that my apartment #308 was not. Anyway, JT has lost me as a friend because of her continuous association with a registered sex offender, her lies and stories, and behavioral lapses of seductiveness that is something of the nature of bad news. I do not need to have this type of friendship in my world. In the past several days have come to a head. Now, seriously, since the beginning of last week, my relationship with JT’s daughter has dissolved to nothingness that I can explain in the aspect of SSTC has done some dirty work for her mother by texting me for her mother — JT apologizing to me for hurting my feelings — the feeling of such being a little too late for apologies plus the fact that JT kept hurting me by her lies and stories and fantasy world that is not reality, I have been told … not knowing if the source is actually credible … that SSTC is pissed off at me because I was allowed the apartment when her mother was first told she could have apartment. The manager changed her mind for the sole purpose of JT already having a handicapped apartment and that she has destroyed the apartment she moved from to the handicapped apartment. Also JT has a messy apartment as is with junk all around. JT, as I am learning her true colors now that I am not friends with her, is not the nicest person – a person who uses people to get what she wants and if she does not get what she wants, she will treat you like crap, lie to you to your face by telling you what you want to hear. Yep, it has been officially noted that she is still seeing the registered sex offender — ewww! All she wants is sex from any guy who is willing to give it … GROSS! SSTC has known about this and has lied to me just like her mother JT. “Like mother, like daughter”.

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