I am no longer going to be living in apartment #308 — as of last night — now in apartment #110. Just have to make arrangements with a change of address at the post office, have to wait for the cable company to come on Wednesday, and in a while, I will call the phone company to have my phone/internet service transferred from #308 to #110. I have decided to move from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor —- handicapped accessible apartment, which #308 was not. Getting the apartment was something of the nature of God since apartment 110 has yet not been leased out to anyone. Another tenant was going to move into the apartment #110 but it did not happen for this other tenant. I just wish that there was no anger from a certain tenant who is being vindictive, nasty, and downright childish but I no longer have to contend to that now that I am no longer on the 3rd floor — away from the one person who is no longer a friend of mine. Honestly some people need to grow up!

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