October 18

This Sunday has brought relaxation and watching of television for the most part. I did not sleep well last night so now — at 6:39 p,.m. CST, I am tired but do not want to go to bed too early or otherwise my day tomorrow will be screwed up. I believe my UTI, which I contracted another one, is clearing up but I have only taken my medication for 5 days now so it is too early to really tell but I feel better than I did this past Tuesday. I have been sleeping both in bed and in the recliner because I am still not used to my new place and this coming Monday – tomorrow – will be my second week living in #110 since I moved. I want to go to bed early but not too early or otherwise I will screw up my sleep schedule. Only if Monday would not come so soon because I have many appointments this week along with a couple of activities to contend with and it just seems like too much right now but I need to keep myself busy now since I am taking a leave of absence — a B- was my final grade for my Auditing class. YAY! I am hanging in there, yay! I will be okay, though. I am dealing with some depression and anxiety right now — something I contend with in the colder/winter months ahead – winter is heading our way to Wisconsin now.

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