A New Thought — Being Very Serious Here and Now!

I personally thought about this yesterday sometime …

The Bitch of Sexville
That is my nickname now for JT. JT is no longer JT to me but the “Bitch of Sexville” because of her hunger and need of sex all the time with whoever (a man of course) would take the time to give her to satisfy her need, want, and hunger. JT lives in a fantasy world and I see her reality so distorted and strange. So for the past twenty-four hours or so, the “Bitch of Sexville” has become the name for JT. I know it is cruel and nasty, but I do have to admit that having sex with a registered sex offender and other men who will feed her sexual desires is beyond gross and very sick. I have no sympathy for JT whatsoever because she has lied, cheated, and told so many stories during our once upon a friendship that everything that comes out of her mouth now is not believable — like the boy who cried wolf so many times and when the wolf finally came — the sheep were devoured and killed by the wolf because the townsfolk no longer believed him. That is what I believe happened with me and JT, the “Bitch of Sexville”. Horrible, huh? I think so anyway. JT is a cruel, spiteful, mean bitch of today’s society.

Today, a day later, the Bitch of Sexville, has been nothing but a child acting out. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and the Bitch has definitely pulled the wool over my eyes at one time and it was almost to late to get from under her witchy spell of lies, deceits, stories, and troublesome reality. Tonight is one night I have not heard her stupid, witchy laugh of hers since I have been home from dinner. I am truly sick and tired of losing sleep over the littlest shit that comes and goes around here at our building. Is she really moving out? I won’t believe it until I see it!

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