Another Day Has Come and Gone

Wintry Wonderland</b – A wintry wonderland has come to Wisconsin today — tomorrow may be what the weather has predicted. It is beautiful in sight of my living room window this morning but going out in the wintry wonderland the sight is different in regard to experience. We now, for Wisconsin, can say winter has arrived this day.

What I Did Today – I went grocery shopping for myself and my Bing Crosby cat. My caseworker, since my living skills worker was unable to make it, took me to the grocery store this morning, brought me back home, and helped put groceries away, and then left herself. Otherwise I feel I did not do much today. A little bit too cold for me to do much at the moment but I did get out and get some fresh air this morning and now I am getting tired and will be heading to bed in a moment or two.

Anything More? – I can say there is nothing more to say for the day. I did have a good day today.

Good night!

God bless! Love you all!

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