Cable is Still Out But It is Said That it is Being Worked on Right Now

It was at 1 p.m. this afternoon that I learned that the cable company was working on recovering the cable outage and will be up and running this evening after the snowstorm – along with thunder and lightning took out electricity of 4000 homes in the state of Wisconsin alone and the cable in the entire state of Wisconsin. I have heard two conflicting stories of when the cable company would have the cable up again — this evening and on Saturday. I have also heard other conflicting stories that the cable company could not bring up the cable again until those who are out of power and electricity here in Janesville was back up and running. I personally believe that all the conflicting stories have truth about them but I believe that too many people have called the cable company and have gotten even more confused and upset — those who did not have the cable company for phone service that is. I am not upset that the cable is down and since I have AT&T for my internet and phone service — as well as my cell service, I am not worried about it. I have — decided to watch television when it got back up and running again and until then, I can watch DVD movies or VHS movies since I have a DVD player and a VHS player. I am unable to watch my RTV shows today and that is fine with me — they will resume once the cable company is able to repair the cable. I have taken days without watching television before and have … enjoyed the peace and quiet. Having no cable the past 24 hours — going on 48 by tonight — I have enjoyed watching movies on DVD and VHS and being online.

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