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Today, still early but now darkness has fallen upon us here in Wisconsin, has been a good day for the most part. Had my shower at 11 a.m. — shortly afterwards actually, got dressed for the day, worked on the computer a bit, studied some, and have been watching television for the entire day … recorded shows on my DVR cable box, and just thinking of what is to be planned for the rest of the weekend … a weekend that started with Christmas Day and will end tomorrow evening. It has been a quiet day for me as my phone has not rung at all or do I care for it do so because I do enjoy peace and quiet. I am using a new web browser called Google Chrome that is now compatible with Macintosh brand computers now and I have an IMac and Macbook system. Comparing to the uses of MS IE on windows, Safari on Mac, and Firefox and Thunderbird on both Mac and windows, I do have to admit that I like Google Chrome and Firefox very much and would use both browsers for internet use. I have no problem using a Windows OS but I do prefer using Mac for my safety and comfort.

Today was not a bad day today … not a bad one indeed. Now with darkness upon me, my world is filled with a quietness that sounds wonderful. The apartment building, outside and outside my door in the hallway was busy for the most of the early and late morning hours. Our cleaning lady was vacuuming the 1st floor and taking trash out for those who are less able to or should not set foot outside without some kind of assistance, and I had gone out in the hall and ran into one of my least favorite people of the building — a nosy bitch I have called her the Bitch of Sexville, which still rings true about her, lol. my trash was taken out and I have been relaxing for the most part. Bing Crosby the cat has been sleeping and napping in the bedroom and enjoying his space. Bing sometimes does not like to be cuddling and today was one of those days and that does not bother me at all. He knows he is loved. Took care of Bing’s litter box today and so he has a fresh box of litter and food/water for the day. Bing is very cuddly most of the time otherwise.

Today has been a good day and now I am looking forward to the evening hours and bed. The time being 5:38 p.m. now, I feel that 3 hours from now seems to be so long … winter!

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