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My day has been very good. Took a nap from 4 p.m. – 5:36 p.m., which was a nap I did not expect. I was expecting to take a ten minute power nap. I had laid down when it was still light to the day left and awakened to the dark of the night falling upon us. I did have my shower this morning and got dressed for the day and did some work on the computer — actually played all day, lol. I did not do much studying but did get started for tomorrow’s studying. I will be going back to class on Tuesday, January 5, 2010. Anyway, the nap was nice. I have been watching television all day for the most part. Got involved with a couple of shows that I do not watch every night today and enjoyed watching regular television.I watched Days of Our Lives for the first time in a few months and boy, haven’t I missed A LOT! I am going to go back to watching the soap opera even though the life I live here at TM is a soap opera itself, lol. I am so glad I do not live on the 3rd floor anymore! I love it down here on the 1st floor because I do not live in a noisy hallway or do I hear much going by. Every now and then, of course, a voice in the office may carry but I recognize the laughter of most tenants and one voice does carry from one end to another because of her, what she calls it, barnyard voice. KM said it herself, lol. Anyway, my day was quiet for the most part. When I laid down to take my nap, using my CPAP machine, I had to turn on my sound spa in order to drown out the neighbor’s television that could be heard through my bedroom wall because he is hard of hearing himself. I have tried, 3 times, to knock on this neighbor’s door to please turn down his television but he has never answered the door on all 3 attempts so I have found other ways to drown out the noise and my sound spa does drown out all noises around me outdoors.

After waking up from my nap I have decided to watch some recorded programs on my DVR box and then stay up a little later than my usual time since I did take that nap. I do not feel real tired right now, either, lol. The nap did me in on the sleep pattern for the time being but this weekend my sleep pattern will be back to normal. I still have not had to take any Melatonin pills lately except for a couple. I have been watching Law and Order all evening since I had awakened to free up space on my DVR box for other recordings I have coming up. Otherwise my day has been slow and good …

No problems physically today…

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