2:30 A.M.

I am okay .. just a tad bit wide awake from having too much fun with my friend RB yesterday … and yes, I am USUALLY in bed ASLEEP at this time but not tonight … that is okay, I guess. It does not happen all the tome like it once did when depression and anxiety ruled my world and I had my sleep patterns backwards … slept during the day and stayed up all night during those times. I do my VERY BEST at not allowing depression and anxiety to rule my life and take over on me and screw me up big time. I am not dealing with depression and anxiety now. I will be pkay. Will do my best at getting some sleep here shortly. I just had too much fun last night with my friend RB. I do not have friends over very often now-a-days because I am in school (online) and it takes a lot of my time but when it comes to my girlfriends RB, JW, and RB’s husband JB, I do my best to see them once a week or twice a month due to the fact of our busy schedules. I know who my true friends are and RB, JW, JB, and ZN are my true friends … we are there for one another all the time.

Well … I better go for the night now. Good night and God bless.

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