Unbelievable … Today is the Last Day of 2009!

Great zooks … it is the LAST DAY OF 2009!!! WOW! Unbelievable!!! Anyway, today is going to be a GOOD day because I have plans this afternoon and evening. I will be taking a shower in a few minutes and then my friends RB and RB will come over to pick me in a couple of hours or so to take me to the store to get some groceries. I am looking forward to seeing my friends, get what I need for groceries and Bing Crosby, the cat, and then I will have the evening alone with Bing Crosby the cat and go from there to see 2010 come into play … at least I hope so, lol. Otherwise this last day is not filled with a whole lot of activity today. Maybe I will get some reading in today along with some school studies. Oh yeah .. I am ordering a pizza tonight! YAY!!! Or I might something at Wal-Mart Superstore for supper which might happen instead…planning on looking.

Author: ksmiley

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