Another Weekend Has Come and Gone Already!!!

Another weekend has come and gone already and Monday is soon to arrive which means another week of appointments (if applicable), school homework and studies, chores and errands to do are coming up rather quickly. In my week ahead of me, I have two appointments — counseling and a doctor’s appointment, grocery shopping, class and homework and studies, is in my week ahead. This weekend, drawing to a close rather quickly, has been okay but not 100% the greatest to say the least. I had company and have enjoyed the time and company with my neighbor and old time friend CKR but sleep has been not enough for me. My CPAP machine keeps beeping at me because their a leak somewhere from moving so much, I have a cold that the cough wakes me up, and the hours, minutes, and seconds have come and gone watching television in and out of sleep. That is the weekend I have been having. Having laryngitis the past few days as well as been a downfall for me because I LOVE to talk, lol. My voice, even though it has improved in the past 48 hours since Friday has gotten better, I have to admit that it still crackles and squeaks from time to time, lol. I do not like laryngitis at all, either. Anyway, despite the lack of sleep, having company over everyday for the past two weeks, this cold and laryngitis, my weekend was not a total washout as it did have its fine and good points as well. I just want my voice back…that’s all.

A Personal Thought – Before my friend left for the night she had made a phone call to someone she knew and from the phone on her end, which I could hear, it was a phone call she made I pretty much dreaded. In the phone call she defended me when it came to the other person and I greatly appreciate it but I do have to admit that what happened between CKR, this other person, and I happened a long time ago and we have grown up a lot since then. I just wish that someone, this other person CKR was speaking to would drop it and stop being so hateful about things. I am a forgiving person but when a person holds a grudge against you, it seems like an eternity and a lifetime of hatred and discomfort. I do appreciate CKR defending me, too. It shows that growth has happened between her and I and forgiveness has truly played a role in our lives. Anyway, this other person has a right to his feelings, too and I won’t hold that against him. I have a right to my feelings as well, too.

Now with CKR gone for the night I am heading to bed. I am tired even though I am beginning to see I am getting my second wind, and my anxiousness is trying to beat me up big time. I am yet not sure if the phone call CKR made earlier tonight has bothered me more than I shared my thoughts with CKR about after she got done with her phone call. Probably so, too. Anyway, I have a fairly big afternoon coming up here and my shower gal is coming at 9:45 a.m. in the morning … this morning since it is 12 midnight now.

Good night.

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