Even though…

Even though today’s entries were a play by play action of my day, I do have to admit that today, so far, has been VERY good despite how tired I am feeling at the moment. Got home from my counseling appointment around 3:30 p.m., I have yet to do laundry and I CAN NOT procrastinate on doing laundry anymore today so in a few minutes I am heading to the laundry room to do my laundry for the week BEFORE another week goes by me in a flash of a second and I miss something because of the fact I blinked one too many times, lol. Anyway, my appointment did go very well … I LOVE IT when someone knows me well enough that they understand my antics. it takes A LOT for me to allow someone to know me very well and get to know me inside and out.


Well, I need to get going and get my laundry together and get my butt in gear. I will be back … not a threat but a promise since today is a play by play kind of day for me.

It’s Monday … “What do you expect?” LOL


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