My Day Was A Good Day ALL Day!

The title says it all…


I could not have asked for a better day…


My Morning – I had awakened up at 7:57 a.m., 5 minutes before I had gotten a call from my LSW Lisa B who said she was going to be here within ten minutes. I had gotten dressed quickly…

as quickly as I could…

and she arrived when I was just about ready for her arrival and let her in. We had gotten some work done before my caseworker Mary M had arrived for our yearly goal setting and review. The bathroom was finished. Lisa B swept the bathroom and kitchen floors, put my laundry away, and poof Mary M had arrived. I had the kitchen table cleaned off so the three of us could sit at the table which is rarely used, lol for our meeting. Lisa B, Mary M, and I put together a couple of goals to set, starting Monday of next week, review the past year, and believe it or not, I this is the 1st month in quite a while that I did not call Lisa B to cancel our living skills day because I was either not feeling good, feeling like having her here would be more of a frustration than helpful in my way of thinking, the feeling of being ashamed that I have allowed my living skills lapse from the week before, and so forth. Sometimes my school and educational endeavors have made it difficult for me to feel the anxiety of cleaning my apartment and so on.

After Lisa B had left, Mary M and I finished our business of paperwork, discussion and concerns, and goal setting outside my living skills every week.

I do not even know what time Mary M left because the time seemed to have stood still for the time Lisa B had arrived, left, Mary M was here, and then left herself. I believe it was before 10:30 a.m. when I finally had gotten my apartment to myself again along with Bing Crosby’s companionship for the late morning.

Let me say this…

I felt pretty good that I got some cleaning done today with Lisa B’s help and understanding, some new weekly goals set, and I will be seeing Lisa B two days a week for the time being to get help with my laundry done, grocery shopping, and getting to the bank to get quarters and other funds for what is necessary for my living skills, eating plan per week, and getting some extra things taken care of instead of feeling that nothing is being accomplished. Whew!

My Afternoon – I had a great afternoon here at home. Watched some Law & Order: CI shows this afternoon. had Bing Crosby laying and snuggling with me on my lap, looked at this week’s homework and study goals, went to class for a few minutes, played games on my IPod Touch and downloaded some music and games on my IPod Touch, got online to see what was happening at Facebook, and just contemplated what to do for tomorrow as far as school was concerned, seeing my friend KH in the morning and after she got off of work.

My Evening – My evening has been a great evening as well. I am heading to bed in a few minutes … at least to the bedroom to listen to some music after watching a couple TV programs such as American Idol, Glee, and a few minutes of the News at 9 p.m.. KH is coming by between 9:30 – 10 a.m., then after work KH and I will be getting together for supper with supper on me.

While Mary M Was Still Here – I will be getting my power chair in a week or so. I had gotten a call while Mary M was still here and he had called to tell me that everything was set at his office and that he had gotten word that my power chair will be here real soon. My doctor had gotten ALL the paperwork and prescription taken care of and everything was in good order as of this morning, and the news of my power chair coming was good news for the day.

One More Thing – It was even before I had gotten the news about my power chair, I felt that I have had a spring in my step ALL day long with no faltering whatsoever feeling in my body, mind, and soul. It was a good day ALL around even though the weather was a tad bit chilly and sunny.

Now it is time for me to go to my bedroom and listen to music and go to bed. I have a big day tomorrow for a Wednesday.

Good night and God bless…

Tomorrow is another day … a good one at that too in my mind as of now. Bye for now but not forever.



More tomorrow…

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