Sometimes I Wonder About Certain People In My Life…

Being friends with certain people in my life is yet a mystery to me because this week has proven to be yet another mystery on top of that. I may be confusing my readers about what I am thinking here but I do have to admit that I am … confused myself at the moment myself. I know what I do and what I do not do and so when someone believes that I am mad at them when I am not, then, they are the ones with the problem. I had a friend delete me from Facebook today all because she THOUGHT that everyone was mad at her outside the argument she had with another friend. That one friend this person was having a problem with had called this one friend and told her that treating me and another friend was not right so this friend re-added me to her facebook page of friends. If she deletes me again, there is no more chances after that. Making assumptions about things will bite you hard right back all the time. So yes, I still wonder about certain people in my life and I wonder why I am friends with people like that yet to this day. I hate drama queens and kings and believe me this one friend is a drama queen and very good at her position in my eyes. It is sad … very sad indeed. I am giving this person one more chance or it is completely and I am done playing her games. I have better things to worry about.

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