June 19, 2010


Yep…she is now a wife, a stepmother, my best friend forever and always. The wedding was simple and quick and JS and her now husband looked beautiful and handsome. Even her husband’s 10-year-old son who was the ring bearer in the wedding the wedding party looked handsome and cute. Even the wedding reception was simple. JS was gorgeous the entire night even though I had left and got home by 8:30 p.m. because my ride needed to leave and head back home to Sun Prairie, and I had such a rough week myself emotionally and physically even though it was more a physical downfall for me than emotionally. I am so glad that I made it to the wedding and the wedding reception today to see my bff of my life have the best day of her life happen.


I am okay for the most part but I am not feeling the greatest right now physically. I have been having many CP jerking moments all day long and I feel my nerves are a little frayed and I shouldn’t be having frayed nerves right now. I should be the happiest woman in the world right now seeing my bff get married this afternoon. What in the world is wrong with me! If it is anyone’s nerves that should have been frayed today, it should have been JS’s nerves … they were to some point but I believe I felt her frayed nerves all week or something to that affect because I practically cried when JS began to cry while she was doing her vows. Gosh, golly, goodness!

I Saw Him…EWWW!

I saw MEE for the last time today at JS’s wedding! He creeped me out big time and at the wedding, I came to find out why he really creeped me out. He stared at me a lot and a couple of girlfriends said that he looked at my butt a couple of times! Ewww! Gross! I am not that type of woman! I am heavyset and my butt is “big” and “fat”…LOL I know I am beautiful to someone and my friends do not care what I look like as long as I stay sweet and be the loving and caring person I always have been.

Please do not think that I am cutting myself down here because I am not doing so. I am okay…so please laugh out loud with me, okay? I need to have some laughter with myself from time to time anyway. I am overweight and yes, I am heavy, but I do have many overweight and heavy friends.

Cuddles Marie Sommers Livingston

I have JS’s kitty Cuddles here until Tuesday while JS and her husband go on their honeymoon. YAY! I have had her since yesterday afternoon before 5 p.m. So far Cuddles and Bing have been doing great in each other’s space and Cuddles being in Bing’s territory and space. I love Cuddles very much!

Dear Diary is Slow Tonight

Dear Diary is very slow tonight for some reason. Oh well…that’s okay. It will iron out by tomorrow…I hope!

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