Heading Home!!

I do know that my hospital visit is over and I am heading back home today. It has been a rough few days but I believe now that I am on the mend from being constipated and the dehydrated. I am glad I am going home today but I do have to admit that I am having mixed feelings about leaving the hospital right now. The hospital does not feel like a hospital but a place to relax and get comfortable after a long, hard day of work … a day at the spa more like it, lol. It does not smell like a hospital or nursing home whatsoever now that the hospital has been redone to make it feel comfortable and pleasant to the eye. Comparing to the new look today from twenty-two years ago, the hospital has changed quite a bit. The only time I smelled and tasted ‘hospital’ was when the nurse(s) flushed out my IV with saline solution, lol. The senses of taste and smell work together and one compromises the other some way and being flushed with saline solution does it for me. The taste of saline solution lasts only a short few seconds and it is not totally unpleasant, I just do not like it very much…that’s all. Yay, I am going home to finish recovering there. The idea of going out in this horrid heat really bothers me, though. I am so glad that I was up here in Madison, Wisconsin getting taken care of instead of being in Janesville’s Mercy Hospital. Well, my ride will be here shortly and I have yet to make sure I have everything packed and ready to go.

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