A Bitch Session AGAIN

Yes, it is a bitch session and time for my to talk to the manager about what happened Sunday morning when the ambulance came to take my to Mercy Hospital at 4 a.m. in the morning. A gentleman on the 3rd floor came downstairs the minute the ambulance arrived just to be nosy. I talked to the manager that I was very uncomfortable with this tenant watching and waiting, and being nosy. I can understand him helping letting the EMT’s in but watching everything was too much for me. I was not too happy and not feeling good, and I do also have to admit that I was in some discomfort and had some paid that caused my anxiety to rise a bit. I was able to write this tenant up. Thank goodness for cameras being up and running in our building now. This tenant was caught on tape! Yay! I am sick and tired of this tenant’s bullshit. What happened to me Sunday at 4 a.m. was personal and private, and I felt that my space was being compromised and I had an intruder. It was like a nightmare that never stops. Tenants minding other people’s business is one thing I do not like about living in a closeknit community like TM, GC, RH, and apartment complexes like this.

When I was writing this tenant up, the backup manager came in and I had learned that this same tenant had told other tenants that I was in the hospital and those tenants had gone to the backup manager to ask about me. That really pissed me off even more. This gentleman is so nosy and a pain in the bottom to several tenants and not that many people like him because he is so nosy. I am even sick and tired of him going past my apartment door after he takes his dog outside for a walk and potty session every time. He loves to stand outside tenants’ apartments and listen to what is going on inside. What people do to amuse themselves!

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