My Sunday All Day!

I did go to church this morning and glad I went. Getting into the church van was a challenge to some degree but I was able to manage just fine. The church van picked me up after 9 a.m. since the driver was running late due to confusion in picking up other church goers. There is no Sunday School classes going on until September sometime so I went to the 2nd service and then came back home on the van … seeing JSL and her husband DL, and our friend KW just before leaving the parking lot, lol … and when I got home and relaxed, I looked at the time and was shocked at what time it was, lol. I am so used to getting picked up for church by 9 a.m., going to Sunday School during 2nd service, and then going to the 3rd service at 11 a.m., so when I saw the time was 11:30 a.m. when I looked, I was a little confused at first.

After Church

By the time I had gotten over the shock of what time it was and that I went to the 2nd service at church, and came home after the 2nd service, I had pretty much a relaxing afternoon at home watching television and being online for the day, and then had company over for the evening. It was just a relaxing kind of afternoon.

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