One of Those Days!

Okay, I had ONE of those days … a Tuesday that seemed to be a very bad Monday. I know Garfield hates Mondays so in reality I am impartial to ‘hating’ Mondays so ‘hating’ Mondays is not my thing. Anyway, Tuesday, today, being a very bad Monday, I will explain to the best of my ability about why today was not the greatest day for me. My CPAP machine had to be replaced today because it would stop working five minutes after turning it on two nights in a row … Sunday and Monday night. When someone came by to check it out, an understanding of why the machine stopped working properly was because the sensor in the machine had been shorted out by water somewhere along the line between November and today…oops! That was an upsetting find. I also stubbed the littlest toe on my right foot and sprained it so now that kind of hurts … ouch! I also burned rice in a pan the stovetop not realizing that I had turned on the burner to begin cooking the rice and I had left the apartment to run to the office to see the manager about something. I even tipped a three tier shelf of stuff in my bathroom. One of those days, indeed. Anyway, despite the kind of day I had, I do have to say that it could have been worse and I could have done worse. The day could have been worse and my world did not collapse to the point of non-existing reality. I did have an okay day despite the type of day I had. I am still here in today’s whirlwind of life, and I am still here. Whew! i AM GOING to be okay in the long run and today could have been a very bad day and the experiences I had today, could have been the worst day of my little life.

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