My Thoughts About Today

My thoughts are important to me and whoever reads my thoughts will or will not like what I have written and shared. That is okay with me since this is my diary spot and my place where my thoughts are shared — good or not — and I do have my readers and friends on here. I do do my best at keeping my diary area as clean as possible and when I am not at all happy about something, my readers will see another side of me at times that can be a darker side of me that sometimes comes out. It is not easy being the “perfect” human being with the right Christian attitude. Sometimes, admitting my faults and errors in life on a regular basis, I find myself in a very difficult situation I need help getting out of but then again we are the creators of our own destinies whether or not we are spiritual people or not or believers of God. It is 8:30 p.m. CST here in Wisconsin right now so … time for quietness to play in the building is going on right now. It is completely dark out right now as the daylight has finally left us. I waiting patiently for the thunderstorm to come rolling in but I believe I will have everything shut down shortly and heading to bed soon … but I have caffeine in my system tonight since I am drinking regular cherry Pepsi tonight, oops, lol. Anyway, tomorrow is Thursday, and nothing is planned for tomorrow for sure … at the moment. My phone has been quiet today — had one call come in today that was the right number according to their records but the wrong person and … oops. I hate calls like that but what can you do.

Today was a good day … as stated in my last entry for today. I felt busy for the late morning and early afternoon, and then have had time with myself with no more company and no more phone calls made out or coming in. I just have been texting my bff JSL off and on throughout the day … but have not heard from her since around dinner time and that is okay. JSL and her husband have been busy today —- very busy. Me too … doing nothing, lol.

This is my diary … my place … my thoughts!

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