I rarely watch reality television but tonight I am … Ghost Hunters on Syfy tonight… Do not disbelieve in ghosts or spirits but have never really watched a show like this before … my first time tonight. I do believe in haunted houses and spirits but have never experienced such personally as of yet. I do not intend to … but will not be surprised if I do when I do, if I do. I do watch ‘A Haunting’ from time to time and believe what those people have experienced is definitely true. I believe, in a sense, the building I live in has eyes, a nose, and ears because tenants in this building have nothing better to do but get into other tenant business at times but then again, a place like this has its variety of people who have walked different walks of life. I being one of the younger tenants living here, I have been labeled as a ‘partier’ ‘loud mouthed kid’ and other not so nice labels along the way. If we had a reality TV show about this place, I believe many of the tenants would definitely open their doors to be a part of the reality TV series just to get their name in the spotlight, lol. Personally, being a watcher of ‘Days of Our Lives’ and an occasional ‘Bold & the Beautiful’, I believe that this building is a soap opera … for sure! Why bother watching a soap opera when I feel I am living a soap opera life? I definitely feel it, lol.

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