My Saturday Today

My Saturday Today

I was able to sleep in today … til 10:30 a.m. for the most part. It felt good to sleep in today as I have not slept in in a very long time due to the fact that I couldn’t since I have been in the hospital the weekend of the 4th of July, and my 40th birthday. Sleeping in felt real good but I will not do it all the time — not because I can’t or won’t…just because I am a very busy girl these days now that the weather is fairly nice. I have had a very busy summer inside and outside the home this summer. My Saturday today is mine and my cat Bing’s all day long. I am going to stay in my comfy clothes, watch TV, read, and do some journaling – which can be an everyday thing for me right now, but I do do other things outside staying in front of a computer all day … a laptop for the most part. Today is my day and Bing Crosby’s all day long. Catching up on Law & Order episodes and have over 20 of them to watch today and tonight. KH is coming tomorrow instead of Monday to help me with my shower since Monday is Labor Day and this is Labor Day weekend. This is my typical Saturday but the sleeping in til 10:30 a.m. is not my typical Saturday thing. It felt good though. I know I am being repetitive, lol

I am watching TV, online and journaling, and reading off and on throughout the day. Almost done with my John Kellerman book titled “True Detectives. It is a very good book but it is not a recommended book to read for young, teenage readers who like John Kellerman. It has some sex in it and the sex is written graphically and I do not like romance novels much. Sex makes me cringe and go ewww a lot. Talking about politics, sex, and religion are three topics I consider hard to talk about because these three topics are opinionated among a diversity of people. I have 21 shows of Law & Order shows to watch and I have a feeling I will be able to catch up by Monday but I am not too sure yet at this point. Watch three to four episodes already since I have been up and going for my day. It is going to be a long weekend this weekend…a good one at this point. As far as my journaling is concerned…it depends on my mood for the most part. Today, right now, I am journaling — writing here is journaling. Rambling on and on right now and watching letters forming words going across a computer screen, lol I am being VERY lazy day today…most days are like that except my cleaning/daily living skills, IDS outings, getting away from my apartment building for a while and being with a friend or two. Texting has become non-existent the past couple of days now since my friend JSL does not have texting capabilities right now so my texting has been low and quiet. Not texting is okay, I guess. I just kind of miss it. This is my Saturday today.

More later…

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