Not Busy Today, lol

My shower day. After KH leaves for the day, I have no plans to do anything but read, watch television, and be online all day. I will call CKR to see what she is up to for supper and see if she wants to come down for the supper hour and visit for a while but no major plans to go anywhere or do anything in particular. Yesterday was the busiest day I have had so far and I believe it is going to be the only busiest day of the week even though I do have another appointment Friday at 12 noon with MM along. I am somewhat energetic but wanting to be lazy all day and do hardly anything today … my ‘nothing’ day. I am not very communicative today, either. I just want to be communicative with KH, CKR. and JSL today … maybe even with my mom. I did text her around the lunch hour and told her about the book I was reading being a good book and something I think she might enjoy reading after all even though Danielle Steel is not one of our favorite authors. I am just in one of my quiet moods and wanting to be online playing games at facebook and on my computer, watching TV, and reading. Danielle Steel’s book “Ransom” is hard to put down right now, too, but feeling a little tired and not able to keep my eyes open very well is hindering my mental state right now, lol. Hopefully CKR is not busy today … her presence will help me state awake until 8 p.m. or so for sure. Bing Crosby the cat is doing great.

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