A Very Lazy Day Today

I decided not to get dressed today … stay in my jammies all day, keep my window curtains closed so I can walk about the house without worrying about who is looking in my apartment windows, lol. I did not sleep in but did not get out of bed until 8:45 a.m. in the morning. I did have troubles breathing when using the CPAP during the night but used it as best I could all night long Living on the 1st floor now, instead of the 3rd floor, having to be modest is a must now, ROFL. I did not want to deal with no one today so I did not invite CKR down for the day. Did some reading, texting my friend JSL from time to time when she texted me – she does not usually text me on Sundays because it is her day with her husband, but JSL did text from time to time throughout the day today. I finished the book “Ransom” written by Danielle Steel earlier this afternoon before decided begin another book also written by Danielle Steel titled “The Cottage”. Have yet to finish reading chapter 1, lol. Today was a VERY lazy day for me … my day alone and only my day with Bing Crosby the cat all day long. I did call CKR today and say hello in plans of seeing her tomorrow sometime.

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