Now I Am VERY Pissed At Another Friend … Another Reason To Be Pissed!

I am pissed again. Believe me, even though I wanted to but couldn’t, I wanted to strangle my friend CKR this afternoon when I had been told about what she has not been doing. She has not been paying her rent for the past four months now — she got a #400 laptop from Wal-Mart a month ago and did not pay her rent! Dang. CKR has her priorities set up backwards — not paying her rent and bills first and then buying recreational items like a computer!! She has been lying to the management about not having the money to pay her rent but I also learned that management knows about her getting the laptop a month ago so she does get plenty of money to pay bills! I am very pissed! I want to scream, rum, and hide away from everyone now! Do I have to move to another state and start a whole new life in order to get away from everyone here?

Author: ksmiley

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