God is Testing Us Today

This Week

Monday morning I had gotten the word that NMS’s baby sister BR passed away Sunday morning. I had gotten a text from JSL this week stating that her friend LS was in the hospital due to possible organ failure – liver and kidney issues/problems. With those pieces of news over the week has been bad news of course and I just realized that God is definitely testing me and seeing if I will falter against all this and break down completely. Yesterday I cried and teared a lot, unsure of what is happening in today’s society and world I have that is all mine and mine alone. I feel my faith has not faltered but God is definitely testing me again. Satan has definitely been working hard this week. NMS’s sister passed away from ongoing health problems and finally, as cruel as it may sound to someone else, BR lost her fight and passed away. BR was a wonderful lady and she is going to be missed. She was one true Christian who is going to be greatly missed by family and friends, and acquaintances of her own world. She is gone physically from this earth leaving friends and family behind for a short time.

This definitely a large test and I do need to pass with an A by not allowing Satan to take over again in my life. Hey!!! I am still pain-free as of September 8th and it feels wonderful being pain-free. Being pain-free for two weeks and a day now has proven to me as the biggest test I finally passed as I dealt with pain for 5 years or so now. The fee;ling of having regularity in my world again is AWESOME!

More later…

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