The Christian Attitude

I am a young woman with physical and emotional issues but love for God is strong and true, and I hold fast to God’s love for me. I know and understand that there are people out there in today’s world who do not believe in God, people who think God does not exist, and there are Christians walking in their faith having struggles with their Christian walk with God. I feel I know someone today who is struggling in her faith and her love with God, and questioning God’s love in her world so I am here to pray for this someone even though I strongly disagree with her actions and having mixed priorities right now. With that said, I have walked away from this person because of her lies, lack of faith in God, her actions, and having her priorities mixed up. I do not like to be friends with liars, cheaters, arrogant people, and non-believers in Christ. My neighbor I am speaking of is, to me, a confused young lady with problems that need to be worked out in therapy. The lies that have been told to me or the fact that she has held back some needed information I needed to know has been the clincher of … walking away from negativity again. I had to do it in order to keep me sane and in good health. Walking with God is tough because I have asked so many questions why this and that has happened, and not all of my questions have yet not been answered but what has been answered are answers I did not expect at times. The way God shows me things, all the time, seem like blows to the face like a nasty slap across the face from someone I can not ever trust again.

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