At Least I Got Some Sleep Last Night

Actually I did not get some sleep last night but this morning. I am ready for my day to begin but I am waiting for my shower gal to get here to help with my shower. The weather is kind of yucky but it has been yucky and iffy for the past couple of days now anyway. Getting used to the cloudiness, the coolness, and what the weather has brought the past couple of days. Anyway, I am getting my shower shortly, getting dressed for the day, and running an errand this afternoon before 4 p.m. with my friend KH. We have our annual IDS dinner/meeting next month and I invited KH to come along but we have to go dutch on the dinner this year. I did get some sleep and now I am ready to begin my day now — after a rejuvenated shower that is. I feel a little gross and do not smell the greatest this morning, lol…that’s me right now.

I am having hemorrhoidal issues this morning! AARRGG! It is going to have to be disposable underwear day all day and possibly this weekend. With me being a kidney transplant recipient for 22 years and the type of medication I take, one of the downfalls is hemorrhoids. I hate them like everyone else does but I get the frequently and they are uncomfortable and itchy, and gross. I will be okay, though. I am so used to them coming and going several times a month — every week for the most part.

More later…

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