I Did It! Plans For the Day

I Did It!

I am not ashamed of having done this…

I went to AT&T’s website and went to “Smart Limits” and had CKR’s phone number blocked from calling or texting me from this day forward. I had called someone last night and she returned my call earlier, and I told her what happened yesterday evening, and then asked her if she and Kathie could get my spare key from CKR, and the neighbor said she would or Kathie would get my key back. I am DONE with CKR for good now. I do not know when I will be getting my spare key but when I do, I will get it back.

As of today, I also blocked CKR and her ex-husband JR from Facebook, without regretting doing so. I am done with CKR and I had to do it.

Plans for the Day

I have no major plans for the day whatsoever. I am going to be lazy and stay in my pajamas all day long. i am watching recorded TV programming on my cable’s DVR system, and I am planning on reading some of my “Dating Game” by Danielle Steel later, but I am not totally sure. I did not sleep well last night because my heart ached so bad and I felt hurt and angry from CKR’s actions! Right now I awake but I do not know for how long, lol My plans for the day are of the spur of the moment plans!

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