Good Afternoon!

My Afternoon

Not a whole lot going on this afternoon here in the household. Bing is napping in my power chair while I watch TV, work/write on/in my journal(s), and thinking of doing some reading today as well. Things are quiet in the front and it is going to stay that way for the day. I am still pain-free, a record of 3 weeks now I believe as of today. I have some aches but it is not joint pain from my contractures due to having a condition called cerebral palsy (CP). Anyway, I feel pretty good physically.

Thoughts About Yesterday


Every Tuesday, for the most part anyway, I have LB, my LSW (Living Skills Worker) come and help me with the cleaning of my home. Yesterday, with the bathroom cleaned, laundry washed, bathroom and kitchen floors swept, and a couple of shelves moved from one spot to another to give my place a little more room to move about, I was so glad it was done as planned. I did wake up and did not want to move the two shelves from one spot to another but LB made it easier for me by saying that I was not going to move them, and so I let it go at that. I had awakened with a stuffy nose and the beginnings of a cold, or allergies. I did not want to cancel her coming over because I wanted to go to my afternoon appointment that was counseling. If I cancelled LB coming over for the day, I would have had cancelled my counseling appointment with PS as well. Anyway, I stuck to my guns and kept both appointments for the day. After LB and I got done cleaning and had done what we had planned for this week’s cleaning spree, I did feel lots better.


All I can say about my counseling appointment with PS yesterday is … It went well!

More later

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