My day was AWESOME! In fact, my day was VERY busy all day long and I was gone from 9:45 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. today — at church in the morning in Monroe, Wisconsin with Papa Mick, and then shopping with my friend KH in the early afternoon. It was a GOOD day! I needed to get away from TM today … away from the other tenants and away from CKR after yesterday’s personal experience. I just had to get away and I did. Today I felt I had awakened, gotten dressed for the day for church and shopping, left and came back briefly to get my purse before going shopping with KH, and then came home after shopping, and then off to bed early. It was a busy day. Felt like I ate and slept at my own apartment all day long … like staying at hotel for the day and night and then coming home. It felt different.

A Thought in Process

Today, seriously, I thought about what my caseworker MM and I were talking about yesterday afternoon about how I have grown and changed in acting out things that used to really upset me then. Thinking about it today was a strange time but it was thought about. How I used to react two years ago about things that upset me was definitely different to how I react to things that upset me now. I have grown up a lot. MM believes it is so because I have a routine in my life now and the stress in my life has been lessened, and the negativity has been eliminated from my life for me to breathe and find things in my world much easier when calm, cool, and collected. Sometimes, seriously…thinking about conversations and certain things that are VERY important to me wears me out, lol.

Grandma Myra

If Grandma Myra was alive today, she would have been 91 years old today. Today was a VERY good day and God was on my side, and Grandma Myra has been missed for thirteen years when she passed away October 1, 1997 when I was 27 years old. Even her husband, my Grandpa Clarence, who passed away February 15, 2003 is greatly missed.

Bed Early

Going to church and shopping … walking all around Wal-Mart today without a hitch or sore feet afterward, I do have to admit that the exercise I willing and personally experienced was awesome and great! I am going to bed right after I am done writing this entry … this very thought actually.

Good night and I will write more tomorrow.

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