Time is SO Slow Right Now!

I am having some difficulty right now … time is so slow right now. Talked to my mom early this evening because I did not want to be up after 9 p.m. tonight and so we chatted for a while but nothing new to report … five minutes and we were done chatting … not surprised actually. I did not even have anything new to report really, either, and when Mom needs to get a hold of me, she texts me anyway. I do the same as well. We chat every Sunday unless other plans detain us to call another day. We have chatted during the week a few times in the most recent past because Sundays do escape us from time to time, too. But NOT today — time is so slow for me. I cannot wait until it is time to go to bed and get some sleep. I had a good weekend otherwise … just today seems so slow for some reason. ARRGG!!

Author: ksmiley

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