Not A Boring Day Whatsoever

I had company over today until 8 p.m. tonight. I drank regular Pepsi and Cherry Pepsi today so I am a little bit wired from the caffeine tonight – a 20oz bottle and a 16oz can today! Oops! Oh well, lol. I do not drink so much Pepsi anymore because of caffeine … as I get dehydrated easily now and the two hospital visits I had were pretty close together – the weekend of the 4th of July and my 40th birthday and October 28th. It was an experience I would rather forget in a way because I was not sensitive to dehydration before this. Another oh well but spending the night at the hospital really does cause a little rift in my planned schedule/week and I have to always be reinstated with my showers after 12 hours of not being home, and that really hinders my scheduled plans because I have to always wait for a nurse to come and visit me to reinstate me on her schedule and after they get a report from the doctor that I have either been admitted or was observed over night and in July and October I was admitted. Anyway, today was not a very bad day whatsoever.

I had RB over for the afternoon until 8 p.m. when JW’s boyfriend came to pick her up after he helped his sister and mother. Having RB over was fun and good but trying to talk to her most of the time was like walking to a deaf person because she was in her own world watching TV with me. Both RB and I were doing our own thing I found out later.

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