I am so glad that my shower has ended … had my blood pressure taken this morning, along with my temperature and my BP was 104/62 and my temp was 97.7 this morning. Yes, I saw the nurse again this morning when made it two times this week when on Monday was the day I was reinstated to have showers resume on schedule again … a rule that the State has for the company I am a client of and I understand the rule but disagree with it entirely because they have the right to get my records of hospital stays and that to me is a little bit of a private matter. That is one reason why I hate staying overnight at a hospital when I get dehydrated since my first visit on the 4th of July weekend! Oh well, I guess.

Anyway, now with my shower done and KH has gone on to her next client, I being the 2nd client of her day, I have the house to myself again for the entire weekend until Monday. I am going to have the best weekend with my kitty.

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