My Life Today, December 22, 2010

For those who believe in Christmas we have three days left before Christmas Day finally arrives. Wow, where has December gone. Before too long we are going to be seeing 2011 come and 2010 will be gone forever except through memories we have collected through the year. Before too long January 1, 2011 will be here and new memories will be formed and the memories of 2010 may slowly fade into the far reaches of our mind. It is amazing that 2010 has come and flying by very quickly. I have many memories of this year as of now and I do not want to forget most of them – good or not so good.

I believe in New Year resolutions but many of the resolutions I have made in the past were later broken and not ever seen or brought up again. I have vowed I was not going to have any New Year resolutions this coming year but I do promise to continue doing my very best at making my life a positive life and walk continue in my case away from negativity in my world and become a stronger person emotionally, physically, and mentally. This year, with only nine days left of 2010, has been like a roller coaster but I am still here living my life God gave me. So much has happened this year!

At this time, at 9:30 .a.m., I am sitting here waiting for my shower gal KH to come and help me with my shower this morning. She comes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and on Wednesdays, I am her only client. I want to get in my shower but she probably won’t be here until closer to 10 a.m. She is always running late and it is getting annoying, I am still not happy about Saturday when she was fifteen to twenty minutes late and putting our plans on hyper speed because she told me the minute she got here on a two hour shopping. I was planning on getting food for food preparation Saturday but that did not happen. I was only able to get Bing his adoption day anniversary gift and 27 lbs of cat litter, and snack foods at Wal-Mart. I was not too happy that day so when the afternoon finally rolled in and I was home and KH had left, Bing and I had our special time of cuddling, snuggling, and lap time. Sometimes Bing does not make it possible for me to be on my computer or online, LOL, but I love the cat so very much. He is one of my pride and joys of my life. I also like KH very much as well. She is a great friend to me. I am just beginning to realize that a professional relationship and a friendship do not always mix well. I believe I put myself between a rock and hard place becoming friends with KH but I can only pray about it and see where God will lead me. I am perseverating again!! I am going to work on that in 2011

OOPS!!! DANG!!!!

It is time for me to vent a little bit – a little – before I go crazy with over thinking about it and it gets me more upset and unhappy. KH has left about thirty minutes or so but she did stay a little bit to help me with the cat box, get ice made in the freezer, and took the used cat litter out to the dumpsters so it would not smell in my apartment. During my shower, I was getting kind of mad, because KH pulled my snarls a little harder this time while washing my hair. It hurt this time. It did not feel like a massage today for some reason. My toilet clogged this morning and she told me that bleach would work but I do not have any bleach right now. I felt like screaming. I think I snapped. It was just not the greatest morning for me I guess. I feel bad at getting snappy happy with KH this morning, too. I really hate myself for it. At least she did not tickle my bare feet this morning – thank goodness!! I hate that when people do that to my feet, LOL


It is 2:12 p.m. I ate lunch, read a chapter of Harry Potter: The Sorcerer’s Stone, listening to Law & Order: CI, and now I am relaxing a bit.. Lunch was delicious! I had spaghetti for lunch today. Yum! The TV show I am watching is real good even though I do not like seeing animals being killed in shows even though it is not real. I just love animals. To tell the truth, I cried when those flying monkeys grabbed Toto in The Wizard of Oz. I was little and did not understand then. I do not watch Wizard of Oz much these days anymore either because I never like the mean wicked witch of the west at all. I have always been the kindhearted type of kid who always wanted peace and togetherness in families. I know that is silly but it is so very true these days … of all days!

It is 4:16 p.m. and right now time seems to be going by so very slow for me. Boredom has set in. Dang it!

5 p.m.

Yep, boredom has definitely set in. I am watching a recorded Law and Order show that airs on TNT everyday. I believe, actually, that the show I recorded was done so yesterday since Netflix does not have L&O on their instant watch yet! I have also read another chapter of Harry Potter: The Sorcerer’s Stone just to pass time but only 45 minutes have gone by. Time is slowing down on me…dang it!

5:15 p.m.

I have a plan for tonight since I am not in any need to go to bed early and I do not have to get up early to take a shower. I am going to watch something on Netflix tonight to fight off the boredom, and before midnight, I will have my journal posted at Dear Diary. Boredom will be demolished for sure! YES!

A High School Colleague Gone

I was on Facebook a few moments ago and saw a post that was written by a high school colleague saying that she will miss this student. She happened to be on chat and I had asked about this one student. Another high school student from the class of 1989 has passed away. RIP in CW!

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